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Chrissi (GreekΧρυσή or Chrisi, "golden", also Γαϊδουρονήσι - Gaidouronisi "donkey island") is an uninhabited Greek island approximately 15 kilometres (9 miles) south of Crete close to Ierapetra in the South Cretan Sea. Approximately 700 metres (2,300 feet) east of the island is the island of Mikronisi.Administratively these islands fall within the Ierapetra municipality in Lasithi.

From the moment a visitor comes to Chrissi, he gets magnetized by the exotic natural landscape dominated by cedar, the golden sand with the wonderful shells and the light aquamarine water.The Natural images and the rhythms of nature, immediately give the visitor a newfound sense of liberation.

A walk in the woods, swimming in crystal clear water combined with the soft smell of cedar and fresh oxygen, complete the holiday experience of the visitor, offering him a deep relaxation feeling that becomes unforgettable. This is the reason why chrissi island welcomes more and more visitors from around the world every summer.

On the western part of the island is the chapel of Saint Nicholas (estimated to date to the 13th century). There are also a salt pan, an old port, some Minoan ruins, a lighthouse and a Roman cemetery. Due to the shallow waters around Chrissi, snorkelling and diving is a popular pastime. The Belegrina, Hatzivolakas, and Kataprosopo bays have a wide diversity of shells.



The highest point on the island is called Kefala ("head") and it is 31 metres (102 feet) above sea level. From over there the visitor can enjoy an impressive view of the Libanon cedar forest, the last existing in Europe. The Cedar forest of Chrisi is very rare in its expanse and structure. It covers almost 35 hectares and its density is approximately 28 trees per hectare. Their average height is 3 to 7m tall and their average age is at least 300 years old. Cedars have a root system that spreads across an area which is more than double the height of the tree. Apart from the big roots, a huge amount of tiny roots forms a complex web that keeps the sand in place. 
The number of plant species of Chrissi is relatively high compared to its size, comprising 1/20 of the Cretan flora. Many species are rare and endemic, therefore protected by international directives and laws.

For the last centuries Chrisi was practically deserted, while much earlier there were small settlements. On the western and eastern part, broken pieces of pottery have been found, which shows activity during the Minoan times. In the northwest there is a chapel of Agios Nikolaos, possibly built in the 13th century. Northeast of the chapel and near the shore there is an even older salt pan and the only house on the island, which is built on ancient ruins that include a small building and a small port. South and southwest of Agios Nikolaos there are some wells and a few carved graves. The largest one dates from the Roman times.

For all mentioned above, Chrissi poses the most favourite place of Ierapetra's visitors every year.If you are interested to live the dream, do not hesitate to book via our booking form.



Chrissi Island - Classic Day Cruisse


We welcome you at the fishing port of Ierapetra (Click here for map details).


Departure for Chrissi Island. The cruise last about 30 minutes.


Arrive at Chrissi Island.

It's time for you to explore and enjoy your trip!


Departure for Ierapetra.

We will pick up you exactly from the place we left you.


Arrive back in Ierapetra. We hope that you really  enjoyed your exploration.

Chrissi Island - Semi-Private Cruise


We welcome you at the fishing port of Ierapetra (Click here for map details).

11.00 Departure for Chrissi Island. The cruise last about 30 minutes.

Arrive at Chrissi Island.


Departure from Chrissi island to an isolated bay.

We will go to small bay, where you can also swim, take photographs and enjoy your seightseeing.


Lunch will be prepared and served on board.

Our staff will prepare your traditional Cretan (BBQ) lunch. The launch is being done by our excellent quality local products, and that's why it will offer you an unforgettable taste. Furthermore, Cretan wine, Greek beer and other refreshments will be unlimited available.

After completing your lunch, you can keep enjoying your trip and relax on the boat. If you wish, it would be a pleasure for us to teach you about fishing activities.


Departure from Chrissi Island for Ierapetra. We will pick up all of our passengers passengers, and we will start our return back to Ierapetra.


Arrive back in Ierapetra. We hope that you really enjoyed your exploration.

Chrissi Island - Private Cruise

Our Private Cruise poses an unforgettable experience for you and your friends. It is perfect for passengers what wish to enjoy the crystal blue waters of Chrissi Island by a private sailing experience. You can enjoy your swimming at the magical beaches of  Chrissi, taste our traditional Cretan (BBQ) lunch and get occupied with fishing activities. Furthermore, you can plan your trip according to your desires and needs.

By booking a Private Cruise, you have all the crue exclusively dedicated for you and your friends throughout the whole cruise journey. So, all you have to do is relaxing and keep enjoying your cruise!




Our Yacht

The vessel APOLLON is a boat built luxury Italian brand FERRETTI, length 52ft (16m) wide and 5,00 m. Inside a living room with leather sofas up to 20 people, television with DVD player and stereo music! It also has 3 cabins with double beds, 2 WC with choice of hot and cold water.
The fully equipped kitchen is comprised of an electric cooker, microwave, fridge, extractor and dishwasher.
Externally you will monopolize the interest fly bridge with living up to 20 people where you can enjoy beautiful, panoramic views during the trip sipping your coffee or your drink with the potential navigation board outside (top) as it has all required navigation equipment. The two engines GM Turbo (550Hp x 2) attach a service speed 25 miles/hour with maximum speed of 28 miles / hour.
It also has generators closed (silent) 16 KW and ability desalination 80-100lt/hour, inflatable boat length 3.30 meters with 10hp outboard engine for passenger service, rear hydraulic ladder, electric windlass front and back for dropping and hoisting the anchor, hydraulic flaps and Bow Thruster (front propeller) for better maneuvering and excellent handling navigation.
The vessel also has 2 GPS, VHF, automatic radar, autopilot, sounder and all electronics and safety equipment for the safer cruise.

As required by law the captain, the crew and the ship are insured in a large insurance company and the insurance cover for liability provides another plus to feel safe no matter what happens.

Our captain

Our captain, Manolis Dogramatzakis, has over 35 years of experience as a captain of a fishing vessel. He was born in Ierapetra and he has logged more than 300.000 nautical miles. He comes from a naval family and he has grow up in Chrissi Island, which allows him to know well the place, the sights and the weather phenomena that prevail there. He speaks two languages, Greek fluently and English comfortably. For many years he sailed worldwide, and the last years he is navigating the Greek Cretan waters. Because of his experience, he provides safety and confidence at his cruises. He is the most appropriate person to find you the best sights to explore at Chrissi Island. He is a very friendly and outgoing person, so you can feel free to ask anything you need and deal with it. Travelling with him, guarantees that you will live the dream!!





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